In times of low or even negative interest policy of the SNB, one as a private person as well as an entrepreneur is almost already committed to alternatives to capital preservation and multiplication.

The classic investment options are increasingly associated with concealed risks and hidden costs:
- Pink sheets or pre-market shares - your money is tied up in the medium on a long-term basis and often the risks do not correspond to the investors’ expectations. A total loss by (successive) insolvency is quite possible.
- The funds’ performance depends primarily on business understanding and the expertise of the fund manager. Your money is tied through a medium to long term investments and in case of liquidation allows only after years, full accessibility to your capital.
- Investment in luxury goods and collectables is often limited. Market access, holding costs and extensive know-how is imperative and often one is forced to wait disproportionately long to get a fair return
- Possibility of total loss can also not be ruled out

Independence is priceless!

We at V-COINS provide you exactly that….
A possibility to benefit from this cycle with affordable
costs and attractive commissions.


Imagine a world without transaction costs, brokerage fees
and retrocession. Impossible? Not Anymore

The solution is V-Coins

- Completely Risk Free
- No investment in overvalued external companies or risky start-ups
- You and your computer take over the function of your bank by using your assets, income, savings
- You manage your account yourself and avoid the usual and expensive fees
- V-Coins can be traded 7 days a week at any time of day
- The trading and transfer of v-coins between two customers is possible within seconds and FREE of commissions and geographical barriers
- CAPITAL IS AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME. Payouts within 48 hours
- Realistic growth market
- For the first time, we launched the e-Coins in October 2015 at a price of 0.10 Euro ct./coins.
Rate has now risen to 1.253 cents / coin


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